Arctic P12 Max 2Ball

Arctic вентилатор Fan 120mm P12 Max - 2Ball - 200-3300rpm
Arctic P12 Max 2Ball
Arctic P12 Max 2Ball
Arctic P12 Max 2Ball
Arctic P12 Max 2Ball
Arctic P12 Max 2Ball
Arctic P12 Max 2Ball
Arctic P12 Max 2Ball

Arctic P12 Max 2Ball

Arctic вентилатор Fan 120mm P12 Max - 2Ball - 200-3300rpm

Продуктов код: S17435
Запитване за Arctic P12 Max 2Ball
Лизингов калкулатор
Характеристика Стойност
Вентилатор 120 mm
Обороти до 3300 rpm
Въздушен поток до 81.04 CFM
Ниво на шум до 20.63 dBA
Конектор 4-pin
Статично налягане 4.35 mm H₂O
Размери (mm) 120 x 120 x 25
Вид лагер 2 Ball Bearing
Волтаж 12 V DC
АМПЕРАЖ (A) 0.29 A
Други (Fan) 0 RPM below 5% PWM
Cable Length: 40 cm
Гаранция 72 месеца
Арт. номера

P12 Max

High-performance 120 mm PWM Fan


Extremely Wide Speed Range

Building up on the success of the P12 PWM, the P12 Max extends the controllable speed to an impressively wide range from 200 RPM up to 3300 RPM. This enables a quiet operation when low airflow is needed and also an unprecedented level of performance on heatsinks and radiators. The P12 Max provides a significant performance boost to existing air and water cooling solutions.


Maximum Performance - Without Compromises

The P12 Max delivers focused airflow and high static pressure, making it suitable for all scenarios. The fan is optimised for use on radiators, heat sinks, pinholes and mesh. Therefore, the P12 Max is the ideal fan for enthusiasts and professionals who are looking for maximum performance with a long service life.


0dB Mode - Zero RPM

The fan speed can be throttled down to standstill via PWM. This allows silent operation in IDLE and at the same time guarantees maximum performance when required. Thus, the P12 Max allows an incomparably dynamic adjustment of the speed, so that the airflow can be perfectly regulated for every case.


Improved Stability

The P12 Max features a closed fan wheel design. The advantage of this fan wheel combination is a pressure stability without compromise. In scenarios with high pressure resistances and higher speeds, the force effect is distributed uniformly over the entire fan wheel and enables low-vibration rotation while maintaining high static pressure.


Maximum Smoothness, Minimum Vibration

Even at low speeds the operating sound of the new ARCTIC motor is barely noticeable. Due to a sinus-magnetizing the new motor only creates about 5 % of the vibration from commutation of a regular DC-motor without filter. The rubber pads mounted at the corners additionally dampen the residual vibrations caused by the higher revolutions.


Designed for Continuous Operation

The premium quality of the dual ball bearing allows 24/7 continuous operation without compromising performance. Contamination and high temperatures affect this bearing much less than ordinary sleeve or ball bearings. Therefore, the double ball bearing is the perfect choice if you want to ensure continuous operation at maximum speed.


HWC - damGood Award HWC - damGoodValue Award

"Your Favorite Fan Just Got SO MUCH Better!"

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